Ceremonial teepee

A teepee in which several dozen campers can sit around the fire, and there is still room for competitions, skits or ceremonies.

This is a ceremonial teepee, or "long house", which was used, for example, by Chief Joseph from the Nez Perces tribe.

Experience a special, unrepeatable atmosphere where neither rain nor wind can disturb the progress of the campfire. In the ceremonial teepee, it is possible to start two or a whole row of fires. With the help of linings (inner sheets), the space can be "halved" or divided for greater comfort for overnight guests.

Use the ceremonial teepee for:

- a larger number of campers who find themselves in one common space and experience moments together,

- glamping accommodation, bar or restaurant for weddings, corporate events, festivals...


Made of year-round material, fabric with a weight of 420 g/m², made of cotton/PES with impregnation with a water column of min. 35 cm and anti-rot treatment.

length 16 m

height 5.2 m

span 6 m

The possibility of choosing an entrance (from the front or the side), we can adapt the size to your requirements by order. A 50m teepee was also used for gatherings.

*Glampin (translated from English) is the epitome of "glamorous" and "camping" and describes a style of camping with amenities and in some cases resort-style services not usually associated with "traditional" camping.

249,000.00 Kč