We sew Native American teepee tents for camping in all sizes


and other equipment for your guy, according to your wishes... 

Made in the Czech Republic, the sale serves to support the project www.divilidi.cz  

                                                                               About us

Greetings gang supporters,

we have been sewing teepees for you since 2016, making teepee accessories (we draw on our own experience with camping in a teepee and organizing children's camps in a teepee).

From 2022 we specialize in:

professional custom technical sewing (carports, pergolas, parasols, canopies, pretents and tents, camp tarps, teepees, shelters, etc.),

the processing of drawings and the creation of new cuts, including refurbishing and repairs,

custom sewing for your designs. Shimei medium weight - heavy fabrics and PVC.

We prefer a personal approach to each order and we are very pleased with the feedback - because only you create our knowledge.

Thank you all for your support and we wish you a pleasant stay by the fire without rain or wind.


We sew for longevity

Lined - we line the upper part of the tie with rods 

Wedges - we sew wedges into the top of the tarpaulin for better encircling of the poles

The top of the entrance - we sew a reinforcement at the end of the entrance (entrance/flaps transition)

Entrance border- sewn-in reinforcement for better regulation of flowing water

Entrance - big!!! for Europeans :D 

A loop - bent and double seams, we stitch the loops 5 times

We stitch everything twice, certainty is certainty. :) 



  • we use a fabric of 420 g/m² - in our opinion, the use of a lower grammage is uneconomical in the price/durability ratio given the difficulty of sewing!
  • fabric composed of cotton/PES (polyester fibers that give pure cotton greater strength with durability),
  •  impregnated with a water column of min. 35 cm and with anti-rot treatment.                                                                                
  • Lining:
  • the upper part consists of a natural cotton fabric weighing approx. 180 g/m² with a water-repellent finish,
  • the lower part consists of plastexin - a mixture of polyester fabric, the reverse side of which is heavily rubberized with a weight of 420 g/m². It guarantees a longer service life compared to all-cotton linings.
  • work:
  • rope diameter 10 mm made of polypropylene with a strength of 900 daN,
  • resembles natural rope and is made of modern synthetic material,
  • thanks to splietex, the Oldtimer rope offers higher strength and better utility properties than ropes made of natural material.
  • rods:
  • each of the sticks is selected from forest stick-like stands of spruce forests,
  • manually debarked, squeezed and slowly dried.


Warranty and post-warranty service

We know from experience that we don't have to be afraid to offer you more than just a 2-year warranty. 

All materials used are marked with certificates and tested for the required load. 

Of course, no one and nothing is immortal, but we are willing to offer you a seam guarantee for the entire lifetime of the fabric.


Finally managed to turn it off everywhere :) Now it's great. I am sending photos with the floor as well. Thanks again and I praise and recommend you everywhere :)) 

Gabča, I am happy to write that I have no further questions or reservations. Your work completely meets my requirements. It's quality work!

I am sending photos of the stand directly in action. Everything worked out as it should. Thanks, John J.